The Connecticut Cyber Security Center (C3) envisioned here broadens the scope of the focused initiatives that have been ongoing in recent years under the auspices of the VoTeR, CHASE and CSI centers. C3 will envelop and extend the activities of the centers as shown in Figure 1 that illustrates the rationale and organizational relationships. Threats occur as a result of vulnerabilities in either the hardware or the software components of the information technology fabric. CHASE, as a center, is focused on vulnerabilities and threats revolving around the hardware abstractions. For instance, it focuses on hardware counterfeits, Trojan detection, backdoors, hardware tampering, hardware vulnerability analysis, side-channel attacks (and resilience) as well as hardware quality and reliability.

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The Connecticut Cybersecurity Center (C3) leverages the synergies existing in CHASE, CSI, and VoTeR to investigate, develop, promote, and nurture the best hardware and software based security practices for indispensible defense and commercial (e.g., insurance, telecommunications) application domains and, in particular, for emerging fields such as mobile device security.

Storrs, CT